The Foundation of Culture Change

Best-Place-to-Work (BPW) is a common icon of superiority in employee/employer relations. A BPW company frequently owns financial measurements that consistently exceed the industry norm. They have an overload of the best candidates in the market-place wanting to be a part of the company. Their customers tend to be advocates, singing the praises of the company every chance they get. A company that achieves BPW status has formed the foundation from which all other endeavors, initiatives and projects are embraced.

How does Best-Place-to-Work happen!

  1. Senior management understanding of the benefits to the employee, the customers and the shareholders!

  2. Senior management is genuinely committed to achieving “best-place-to-work” based on the anonymous measured feedback from all employees.

  3. Senior management has to embrace the process! The objective is to get to INNOVATION as quickly as possible! But, you’ll have to deal with some ill-formed perceptions and issues along with the innovative ideas! They know many of the things that are needed to improve your company! The key is to execute a process to consistently ‘get and give’ honest and open feedback, and to communicate throughout the company, frequently. BPW is not a project or an event, it is an ongoing process that gets better over time. It is strategic and tactical. It breathes life into an organization.

The Results! All boats rise with the Tide!
The entire organization improves! Morale and teamwork improve, employees become change-agents instead of change-averse, they buy-in to the vision and mission of your organization, operational efficiencies improve, employee performance and a myriad of other improvements occur.

Next Step! Financial goals!
You have earned their buy-in and commitment by your actions! Now, merge your financial goals into BPW. All hands are on deck!

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