The Difference

Our core business:
QSG’s mission is to measurably improve employee performance in customer-engagement and business relationship-building results throughout the bank for the benefit of the customer, the employee and the bank!

pic Why? Because, people conduct most of their total banking needs with those that build the strongest business and personal relationships! Profit happens! Our goal is to assure that a “banking” relationship is with the every banker with whom the customer engages, not just one person. Proactive employees create experiences that are not soon forgotten by the customers. Customers will reward the bank handsomely for the consistency of exceptional experiences! Employees that demonstrate exceptional customer experience results create three distinct results that have significant financial benefits to the bank: These employees are the happiest and most loyal to the bank. They create advocate customers that are the most profitable for the bank and they create the majority of the profitability for the bank! Relationship-building and customer-engagement are learned traits. Any employee can reach this level. They can be found in any position from front-line to back-office to business development. Unfortunately, the vast majority of employees are not provided with the appropriate tools and skills to reach their potential! Why? Banks either don’t care, have not found the “appropriate tools and skills” or have not experienced an average measurable ROI of 10:1 in their efforts.

The difference is measurable results! Few firms can prove it!

A common problem! Training is assumed to be the answer! Perhaps most any form of training will do for Operations, Compliance and Regulatory needs! From the customer’s perspective, it is assumed that the bank is operationally proficient.

pic Conversely, the customers (especially the most profitable ones) are most interested in “their experience”, not to be confused with reactive “good service”. The employee’s ability to “engage” with a customer, build a “relationship” and solve needs is not easy to learn and use! Every customer has somewhat different needs, communicates differently, reacts differently and has different expectations. Similarly, bank employee’s personalities, education, upbringing and skills levels vary as widely as the aforementioned customer’s differences. An off-the-shelf training topic or program may help a bit with general customer service standards and with the very basic generic skills, but rarely impacts the employee’s ability to truly create consistent exceptional experiences. QSG is all about helping employees maximize every opportunity to “engage” with customers to build long-term relationships, increase their life-time-value and fuel the profitability of their bank!

Training has to be a part of the strategy to affect the appropriate change. But, make no mistake; training is just a part of creating exceptionally successful employees.

That’s the Difference! That’s QSG!
Making results happen!