$54,000,000 in Client Revenue!

That's what IntegratedQSG's Bank Customer Service and Business Development strategies have created for community banks in the last 8 years! That's $235,000 per $100 million in Assets! And, Customer Experience standards exceed the average competitor by 24%!

What some of America's top community bank executives say about IntegratedQSG's Bank Customer Service and Business Development results!

photo"Achieving Excellence is a Reality"
We have exceptional talent and are very good at banking! But, day-in and day-out, employee to employee and office-to-office, we knew we needed to be exceptional in engaging customers to create loyal, lifetime customers. We weren't sure HOW to do it bank-wide! And, we did not want to waste our employee's time with ineffective programs and incentives or use our employees and customers as a testing ground. We wanted to get it right the first time! After an in-depth search and lots of due diligence, IntegratedQSG was chosen to customize professional services for us to make it happen. We look at QSG at a business partner, not a vendor! They bring talent, skills and a comprehensive arsenal of unique tools to the table, unlike any competitor. They are the real thing!
Rob Jones, CEO - the little bank


photo "Absolutely the best in the business"
We tried all sorts of traditional bank customer service programs for years, but couldn't show any results! Finding the keys to creating significantly enhanced measurable results in our customer's experience was like finding a needle in a hay stack. Of all the big firms and individuals that promote their services, only IntegratedQSG demonstrated an ability to deliver the goods. We bought-in, and the rest is history! Three years later, IntegrateQSG continues to prove their worth with an every increasing ROI, providing meaningful results to our bottom-line.

Paul Durand, CEO - St. Martin Bank & Trust

photo"QSG creates consistent results"
Troy Bank & Trust went through a variety of big name firms and individuals, before we found a firm that actually made a difference our bank's customer service expectations. I've had customers approach me in the bank, at local civic functions and have received unsolicited telephone calls telling me that "our people in every location are consistently the best"! We know that their comments are true, since we measure our results every quarter. We are consistently 20-24% better than any competitor in our market! When a firm exceeds your expectations for over 5 years, your employees truly enjoy delivering consistent exceptional customer experiences and your customers appreciate what you are doing, you know you have found a true business partner to help you grow your bank. From a financial perspective, we measure our return to an ROI that far exceeds are expectations!
Gary Guthrie, CEO - Troy Bank & Trust

photo"Skepticism turned Ecstatic!"
Like most of our peers, we have had numerous vendors call on us to create a bank culture that delivers excellence in customer service. They all have something to sell and think they have the best product! With skepticism, we listened to IntegratedQSG. Admittedly, their story was different. It was about our needs, our people and our customers. It was about customizing services that would get us where WE wanted to be. More skepticism! We were not sure we wanted to trust our employees with any outsider, no matter how good it sounded. But we did! The team at IntegratedQSG delivered RESULTS as promised - what a refreshing experience! Not only have we made huge progress in our customer service standards, we have also implemented a very effective incentive program and are getting great results! We have completed product knowledge education including a Product Manual, are in business development now and customer retention is next. The ROI on our experience with IntegratedQSG is exceptional!
Bill Sennholz, President & CEO - Marshfield Savings Bank

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