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A few really good consultants are worth their weight in gold! Bankers, nor consultants, have all of the best ideas, expertise and ability to convert a good plan, project or initiative to action and maximize the ROI of the effort and expense. Technology, Financial, HR, Marketing, Business Development, Training and other important functions often do not meet the expectations of senior management and rarely come close to the potential.

For example, your strategic action plan likely includes the following:

  • seek new revenue sources
  • increase market share
  • increase ROA
  • increase ROE
  • improve margins
  • improve our efficiency ratio
  • increase fee income
  • among other important bank measurements

Human Capital Management creates maximum employee performance! Employee performance is often overlooked and undervalued as a PRIMARY source for improving your key financial measurements, therefore improving sustainable profitability. The employee's level and consistency of performance (all employees) is directly related to the level of the bank's performance! Bad, good, average or great! You will not find a high performing bank that has under-performing employees. Conversely, you will find average banks that have lots of average-performing employees! It's common sense!

The highest yielding employee performance characteristics are:

  1. the ability to consistently and proactively engage with customers

  2. to understand and uncover their needs

  3. departmental teamwork

  4. to follow-up and follow-through as any customer would expect

  5. to create exceptional customer experiences at every opportunity

Employees vary widely in their ability to truly "engage" with existing and prospective customers.

Bank-wide consistency drives the best results!

Frequently, we refer to the 30/50/20 Rule! Approximately, one-third of employees have the DNA to engage with customers at a reasonable and acceptable level. But, they rarely use their talents to their potential! These employees can improve rather quickly with the correct tools, skills and coaching. Roughly one-half of employees are very "nice and friendly", but were not born with the natural ability to truly engage in a business-like manner without help. These employees have the heart to improve, but require more effort and patience. The good news ----- they can do it! Therefore, 80% can achieve a higher level of performance! Roughly 20% simply do not care to improve! No matter how much time and effort you expend, few employees in this group will improve! As the old saying goes, you are only as good as your weakest link! And, by the way, employees in each of these three groups are found throughout the bank, including managers!

For the visual learners, the 30/50/20 Rule can be pictured as follows: 30% are pulling the wagon, 50% are riding in the wagon and 20% are pulling in the wrong direction! Not good, if you are interested in the wagon reaching its' desired destination and achieving the bottom-line results to which you are capable! To significantly improve your bank's performance, the end objective is to have all employees pulling at each employees potential in the same direction. There is no silver-bullet to maximize employee performance. Many banks have jumped over fundamental tactics directly into training with little, if any, change in performance. Hiring better can help, but does not guarantee measurably better results.

So, what's the "secret sauce"?

There are 6 fundamental tactics for senior management to accomplish to set the stage for consistent and exceptional bank-wide customer engagement! Click here to view The 6 Biggest Mistakes. But, these 6 are just the fundamentals! Each of the fundamental tactics requires customization to fit your bank, your culture, markets, management style, your Board's management style, your goals and strategic plan.

Consulting? Why reinvent the wheel, delay performance and the lose revenue!

Integrated Consulting Services (ICS) provides bank executives with the knowledge to measurably improve the bottom-line. Here are a few of our recent employee performance consulting engagements:

  • Strategic Planning - Focusing on Employee Performance
  • Incentives - Compensation to Motivate
  • Employee Development - Transitioning Learning to Actionable Customer-engagements
  • Customer Retention Strategies
  • Customer Development Strategies
  • New Business Acquisition Strategies
  • Integrating Marketing & Employee Performance
  • Departmental Teamwork

Want to maximize results?

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