Community Bank Mystery Shopping

Why Mystery Shop? Because customer defection causes significant unrealized losses!
Sure, some customers move away, die, etc. But, 72% of customer defection is caused by the inconsistency of professional employee engagement with customers! Conversely, bank profits can be significantly and sustainably improved by improving the consistency of customer engagement!

The average community bank receives 25,000 incoming human-to-human telephone calls annually per $100 million in assets, plus thousands of face-to-face interactions. By far, your customers use the TELEPHONE to "touch" the bank more than any other method combined. How do you know if your customer's are receiving experiences that:
        1) fail their expectations?
        2) just satisfy their expectations?
        3) exceed their expectations?
The community banking industry prides itself in "customer service"! It's in your Mission Statement and your Annual Report! And, some employees do a great job! But, the bank-wide reality is a result far different in the eyes of the customer!

Take your Tums before you get your Mystery Shop results!

We have shopped over 1,200 banks (community, regional and national) and thousands of employees in the last 8 years. The average score, regardless of the size of the bank or the location is ------- 71 out of 100. Bottom-line ------- customers are receiving a level of service far below the expectations of senior management!

Just do it! You can't improve what you don't know!

Keep it simple and don't spend a lot of money!
Telephone mystery shops are more than adequate. Face-to-face shops are expensive and the quality of F2F shops is far less than available via the telephone. All you want to know is what a random cross-section of your employees say on the phone to your customers. In your main office, you'll want a few front-line employees shopped and a few in the back-office and 2 or 3 employees per branch. That's it! It's a good idea to compare your bank with a competitor or two, at least, initially. The shopper's reports should capture the content of the call and score a series of expectations that fairly judge the experience any caller would receive. When you receive your report, review the employee content of the calls and the specific areas that were scored. Assuming you have a few very good calls, recognize those employees for their successes. Then, look for the specific areas scoring poorly and inconsistently. These are areas that need the most help. Training is a great place to start for this specific need. But, make sure it is customized to meet your customers' expectations, exceed your expectations and fits your telephone protocol. Coaching, after training, is the key to long-term results! Get it right and you can expect a 24% increase in the level of customer service experiences at your bank. The competition will not know what hit them!

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The first 10 to 30 calls

$45 each


The next 31 to 50 calls

$40 each

The next 51 to 75 calls

$35 each


75 or more calls

$25 each

**Cumulative shops in 12 months.

When you call to schedule mystery shopping, we'll need to know how many branches you have, discuss when to start and determine what questions we'll be asking during the shops.

For more information, contact Lisa at 1-800-943-9638 or